Barrel Pro has designs for complete breweries sized for batches up to one barrel. At startup, our focus will be introducing our cellar equipment, and in particular, our line of fermentors. From a master brewer’s perspective, the choice of cellar equipment ranks among the most important decisions and the cellar is the best place for the homebrewer to begin improving their brew. Sure, the brewhouse gets all the glory – but it’s the cellar where the real work of making beer is done.

Pro Line Conical Fermentors


Barrel Pro is pleased to announce our line of cylindroconical Pro Line Fermentors for batch sizes ranging from five gallons to one barrel (31 U.S. gallons).  Crafted to professional brewing standards, these fermentors are made from heavy-gauge 304 stainless steel with a fully welded construction.  Every Pro Line Fermentor provides a sanitary interior that protects your fermenting beer from unwanted microorganisms, oxygen and light—the perfect environment for crafting your best brews!  Some of the features of our Pro Line Fermentors include:

Heavy Gauge 304 Stainless Steel Construction:  304 stainless steel is the brewing industry standard for fermentor construction.  Stainless steel, unlike plastic, won’t scratch easily or allow the ingress of oxygen or light, which are detrimental to your ferment.

Sanitary Design:  Pro Line Fermentors are manufactured to exacting specifications with regard to sanitation.  The hygienic design ensures that your fermentor can be cleaned and sanitized to ensure it is free of contaminating microorganisms.

Bottom Port: A 1.5-inch tri-clamp bottom port is sized to allow the easy harvesting of yeast and the easy removal of trub from the fermentor.

Racking Port:  A tri-clamp ferrule on the cone houses a rotating racking arm that allows the removal of sediment free beer.

Additions Port: A 3-inch tri-clamp ferrule is located on the lid to allow the addition of dry hops, finings, or other flavoring agents during fermentation.  An optional spray head fitting for this port allows clean in place (CIP) and sanitize in place (SIP) operation of the fermentor.  (A pump, not included, will also be required.)

Blow-Off Port: A separate 1.5-inch tri-clamp ferrule is located on the lid for the included blow off fitting.

Valves and Fittings:  Pro Line fermentors come with valves for the bottom port and racking port, a blow-off fitting, a cap for the additions port, and gaskets and clamps.

The Pro Line Fermentors will be offered for batch sizes from five gallons to one barrel, including:

  • Pro Line 5 (7.6 gallons total volume)
  • Pro Line 10 (14.9 gallons total, oversized to accommodate 12 gallon batches)
  • Pro Line 15.5 (23.2 gallons total volume)
  • Pro Line 31 (45.0 gallons total volume)

Check back for more information on the Pro Line Conical Fermentors.  As we get closer to launch, we’ll add information here.

Note: Details of construction are subject to change without notice.