Barrel Pro Brewing Equipment is a startup manufacturer of brewhouse, cellar, and packaging equipment for batch sizes up to one barrel. All of Barrel Pro’s equipment has been designed to professional brewing standards by master brewers trained in the United States and Germany. Many of our equipment designs have features that have not previously been available to home brewers. Our equipment will help you take your brewing to the next level and to create perfectly crafted beers.

Barrel Pro was founded by Kevin Eggemeyer, Dipl. Brew.  Kevin started brewing as a hobby in 1992 and began his professional brewing education in 2008, completing the Master Brewer Program at the University of California, Davis.  The U.C. Davis Master Brewer Program provided Kevin with an in-depth understanding of brewing science and brewery engineering.  Kevin then went on to earn his diploma brewer post-nominal from the Institute of Brewing and Distilling, London.  The diploma brewer post-nominal is an internationally recognized standard of achievement and professional qualification for brewers, managers, and executives in breweries.  Looking for more education focused on brewery microbiology, Kevin completed the Master Brewer program at The World Brewing Academy (Doemens Academy/Seibel Institute) in Munich, Germany.

The genesis for Barrel Pro occurred when Kevin was consulting on a project to launch a new brewery and small batches of beer were desired for recipe testing.  A number of 1/2-barrel batches were needed, but small brewing equipment with professional-level features could not be found.  The equipment offered by manufacturers of homebrewing equipment was not of sanitary design and did not offer the needed process control.  To Kevin, it was clear that small-scale, affordable equipment with professional-level features was needed.  It is now time to bring this equipment to market.